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DAAD Ready

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What is DAAD Ready?

While working with DAAD, and creating the new compiler (DRC) and the Maluva extension, I realized how easy it was to used DAAD to generate the game file, but how complicated it was to build the final realease game disks for each platform.

Also, I found the DAAD Manual was sometime technical in excess, and a big part of it was made for building disks with anciente tools from the 80s and early 90s, which are not the best options right now.

So I decided to create DAAD Ready, a package that contains tools and emulators which are used transparently to create final disk releases in emulator formats like DSK or D64, and test the game, so the DAAD author just have to concentrate in creating the game.

Of course, this simplification makes DAAD Ready a powerful tool for beginners, while it's not preventing experienced user to benefit from it.

DAAD Ready allows authors to create games in English and Spanish, and also with some limitations in Portuguese and German. Using it for other western languages is possible, just ask me.