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About this page

avatar Uto Welcome to @uto_dev's Spectrum dedicated web site. I've put together some of my ZX-Spectrum related projects and/or FAQs in this site.

I got my first ZX Spectrum back in September 1984, and it was the computer where I learnt programming... and gaming. As I've been involved in some Spectrum projects lately I've decided to build this site to put them all together.

My stuff


I've created a few Spectrum FAQs for the ZX-Uno FPGA clone and its ZX-GO+ variation, please find them below. Please notice the ZX GO+ is in the end a ZX-Uno, so reading both FAQs is recommended for people interested in it.


I'm also the author or co-author of a few Spectrum or ZX-Uno related utilities:

Ye olde times

This is not my first Spectrum related page, but this other one.

Other stuff

Most of what I've developed for fun is related with text adventure games, see my github repositories.